We have PPE equipment and work to currently established best practice to minimise the risk to ourselves and others. French, Spanish and Dutch spoken to various levels.  Press card holders. Based in and around London. Can FTP or copy and send rushes or basic edits to clients around the world and across the UK

Working during Coronavirus best practices 

Capital Crewing is a collaboration between experienced and creative lighting cameramen dedicated to pushing the boundaries and bringing creativity and hard work to every shoot. Shooting mostly on Sony F5 and Sony full frame FX9, we also have gimbals and the latest Sony A7S cameras, as well as track, slider, Astera Pixel tubes, trophy turntable, smoke machine, green screens and much, much more. 

The F5 is a large sensor 4k camera, and the FX9 is Full frame 6k recording to 4K currently, and we have Canon Cine primes, beautiful f1.8 Sigma cine zooms the Canon cine 4k CN7 cine zoom lens - an amazing lens that lets you be reactive with an F5 but keeping the film look. The F5 also does slow motion up to 180 frames per second. We also have GoPro Karma, GoPros, 17"monitors, video senders, and a huge variety of lighting and green screen to cover almost whatever you need.